Light is everywhere. It is in everything we do. From the moment those first warm rays of sunshine glance through the window and dance on your pillow, to the end of the day when moonlight peaks through the curtains and takes their place, light governs our everyday life. Ideal lighting maximizes the natural light we experience every day, while marrying it with electric light to create a feeling of unity with our environment and an overall sense of well-being.

Light Theory Studios (LTS) a division of FEA Consulting Engineers (FEA) provides professional lighting design services for resort hotels and casinos, private residences, restaurants, retail, sports and entertainment facilities, landscaping, visitor centers, park and site enhancements, and corporate office buildings.

In addition to complete MEP services by FEA, Light Theory Studios focuses our attention on one of the most critical, complex and least understood qualities of a building project: lighting.

aboutAt LTS, we understand that lighting design is both a science and an art. Our philosophy incorporates thoughtful exploration of how to best use light to create unmatched sensory experiences, enhance architectural features and elements, and do so with an eye on sustainability and a commitment to meeting energy codes.

Quality lighting design involves understanding how light reflects, refracts and otherwise interacts with many other elements within a space. It takes into account the proper levels of illumination for the type of space being illuminated, the needs of the occupants in the space and the sensory experience the owner endeavors to create. Within moments of entering a space, what an occupant ‘sees’ or perceives, creates a feeling about the space and an expectation of how the space serves them.

The art and science of lighting design requires that we take an unparalleled approach in our work; our goal is to give your project the best of both worlds.